Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

High Quality Double Rail Electric Hoist


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What is the practicality of lifting chains?

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  What is the practicality of lifting chains?

  Nowadays, many people are discussing the practicality of lifting chains, which are most widely used in construction projects. Luther Crane's technology has made a corresponding summary for your reference:

  1. Assist in the implementation of large-scale construction projects, prevent accidents, and enable people to operate more safely and return home safely.

  2. The impact resistance, load-bearing capacity, toughness, and elongation of this product greatly improve its safety and service life. Therefore, this effect is excellent for large-scale construction projects in many regions.

  3. This product has a minimum safety breaking force of 4 times, and can also produce various non-standard products according to the samples and design drawings provided by customers to meet their different needs.

  Lutheran Crane has always adhered to the principle of technology as the primary productive force and strictly implemented quality standards, with strict control over the entire process from procurement of raw materials to transportation of goods., The goal is to ensure that the qualification rate of the lifting chain reaches 100% and to ensure the quality and excellence of the product.

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