Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

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The secrets you should know when using the lifting chain

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  The secrets you should know when using the lifting chain

  The lifting chain is widely used in our daily life and is also very common. It is the most widely used tool in the lifting industry. It can also be used as a lifting chain for electric hoists and chain hoists, and can be used as a lifting sling with hooks, shackles, and other components.

  But for its use, many people have only a partial understanding. Below, we will popularize the common knowledge of using chains.

  Before using the chain, it is necessary to conduct a routine inspection to check if there is any flipping or twisting of the chain. If there is any, it should be corrected immediately.

  The most taboo during use is overloading, otherwise exceeding the limit that the chain can withstand may cause deformation or even fracture, causing unnecessary trouble.

  When using the lifting chain, it is necessary to strictly follow the usage specifications. Otherwise, even if the quality is reliable, improper use may lead to problems during operation.

  Below, we will teach you how to judge the quality of the chain from its appearance.

  Firstly, we need to check whether the inner/outer links of the chain are deformed, cracked, or corroded;

  Secondly, check whether the pin is deformed or rotating, causing embroidery erosion;

  Then check if the rollers are cracked, damaged, or excessively worn;

  Finally, check if the joint is loose or deformed; Is there any abnormal noise or vibration during operation, and is the lubrication of the chain in good condition

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