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Methods to extend the service life of lifting chains

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  Methods to extend the service life of lifting chains

  When using lifting chains, do not forget to take care of them. Proper maintenance can extend the service life of the lifting chains.

  1. When storing, there should be a regular pattern to prevent knots between the chains.

  2. Before lubrication, the surface of the chain needs to be wiped clean to prevent rusting.

  3. Keep away from damp or acidic environments when storing.

  In summary, every detail is related to the service life of the lifting chain, and we must use it according to standards to extend its lifespan.

  The wear of the lifting chain is a gradual process

  The wear of the lifting chain is a process, and if we find severe wear on the chain during use, we should immediately stop using it.

  Firstly, it is the initial running in, which takes a relatively short time. The protrusions on the shaft and sleeve are worn off, and the small center of the moon is flattened.

  Secondly, there is rough and slow lubrication and wear. At this stage, the shaft is properly potted in the sleeve, and the bearing area is properly and adequately lubricated.

  Finally, there is a relatively rapid end stage wear. Lubrication may become ineffective or ineffective during this stage, or the hard layer on the surface of the sodium shaft and sleeve may be worn off, or the chain may become longer, causing a sharp increase in the load on individual nodes. When the load exceeds the yield limit, the chain undergoes plastic deformation. The chain plate and its holes are stretched, resulting in the chain not functioning properly.

  When your lifting chain experiences the situation described above, it is recommended that you replace the lifting chain as soon as possible.

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