Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

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How to check the main load-bearing components of traditional stage chain hoists?

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How to check the main load-bearing components of traditional stage chain hoists?

1、 Check the chain to see if there is any rust, severe wear, deformation, cracks or other issues on the surface of the chain. If any of the above conditions are found on the chain and it meets the scrapping standards, we need to replace it in a timely manner to avoid subsequent troubles.

2、 The inspection method for hooks and hand chain hoists is similar to that for chains. Compared to chains, there are two more things to pay attention to when inspecting hooks: their opening degree and tongue. If the opening degree meets the scrap standard, we need to replace them. The tongue is also very important as it plays a role in preventing goods from falling off, so small tongue pieces should also be taken seriously.

3、 Check if the connection between the chain and the hook meets the specifications.

Under what circumstances is it prohibited to use an inverted electric hoist on stage?

1、 When the goods are not securely attached, lifting is prohibited. When bundling the goods, experienced personnel should operate it. Improper bundling can easily cause damage to the goods and even lead to personal safety accidents.

2、 When the environment is unclear at night, lifting is prohibited. When carrying out lifting operations at night, corresponding lighting measures should be taken to avoid collision of goods and a series of serious consequences caused by unclear visibility.

3、 Lifting is prohibited in severe weather such as strong winds, thunderstorms, etc. It is extremely dangerous for the workers of the gourd. If we encounter an urgent need for lifting operations, we should take protective measures.