Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

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1、 Consider the issue of lighting during the performance

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Precautions before stage construction

1、 Consider the issue of lighting during the performance

If it is a daytime performance, when choosing the performance time, the angle of sunlight should be considered to avoid the actors or audience being unable to open their eyes. The actors in the performance area should be arranged to face the sunlight and not backlight, otherwise the makeup effect will be difficult to perform. The auditorium and rostrum should be backlit, otherwise the sunlight will be dazzling and affect viewing.

If it is a performance at night, due to the need to install lights and light trusses, it is necessary to consider convenient power connection to avoid safety hazards caused by transmission lines passing through the audience, and also increase the cost of the performance.

2、 Consider the number of channels for actors to enter and exit the stage

According to the requirements of the program, there are sufficient channels for actors to enter and exit the stage. For the convenience of evacuation, the actor's passage should not be designed in a staircase shape, but rather a ramp style to avoid congestion during evacuation.

3、 To set up a stage in a typical environment

Especially for celebratory performances, it is necessary to fully reflect the typical environment of the scene and create a festive atmosphere.

4、 The stage should have a hierarchy

Generally, outdoor large-scale variety shows have a large scale and a large number of actors. If the stage is large, it is necessary to design and construct some level changes to facilitate the arrangement of many actors by the program director, making the scene more layered.

5、 Consider the issue of firmness

The materials used to build the stage are very important, and are rarely encountered in theater performances. However, outdoor large-scale variety shows are an inevitable problem. We should fully consider the needs of the program, use materials with a certain load-bearing coefficient, and ensure the safety of the stage