Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

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What are the advantages of electric hoists compared to traditional cranes?

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What are the advantages of electric hoists compared to traditional cranes?

With the development of industry, the daily application of electric hoists in society is becoming increasingly widespread, which has greatly brought convenience to people's daily life and operation. As one of the many crane brands, Kemei electric hoist crane has excellent functions in all aspects and has an excellent reputation in the industry. So what are the advantages of electric hoist cranes compared to general cranes?

1. The electric hoist crane adopts a standard travel package design, which can retract the internal special bars to avoid the impact of excess chains on the working power of the machine. The transmission crane does not have this feature, as the chains are loose and the machine does not react in time during operation, which will greatly reduce the efficiency of the machine.

2.The motor equipment of the electric hoist is sealed inside a steel black cylindrical structure shell. This posture not only makes loading and unloading easier, but also makes future maintenance and protection work very convenient. It can also effectively protect the motor, ensuring that it is affected by external factors.

3.The 3-brake system is a multi disc motor that allows operators to accurately control equipment and complete some industrial samples with high precision. And on the other hand, this braking system has another benefit; When there is a defect in the equipment, the operation of the machine can be immediately suspended and all components of the equipment can be carefully inspected in a timely manner, greatly reducing the harm caused by equipment defects.

4. Clutch with overload protection device. Compared with backhaul cranes, this type of clutch has higher safety and reliability. In actual lifting operations, the objects that need to be lifted are often large, making it difficult to accurately evaluate the internal components and materials of the objects. When the equipment is working, the weight of the objects may exceed the level planning of the machine, causing harm to the machine itself. However, with overload protection clutch equipment, this can be perfectly prevented. When the weight of an object exceeds the planned capacity of the equipment, it will automatically work intermittently to prevent the machine from harming itself.