Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

1 ton electric chain hoist with hook1-ton-electric-chain-hoist-with-hook


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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Electric Hoists Chapter 1

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Electric Hoists Chapter 1

Many users who purchase electric hoists are prone to experiencing various problems during use. Sometimes, it's not because the hoist malfunctions, but rather because of our incorrect operation or insufficient understanding of electric hoists. In recent days, the editor has seen many problems with the use of electric hoists on Baidu. In order to facilitate answers, this article is written:

1. What is the correct installation method for electric hoists?

After receiving the preferred equipment, it needs to be unpacked for inspection. After the unpacking inspection, it is confirmed that the equipment has complete documents, manuals, and certificates of conformity. The equipment and spare parts should match the packaging, and the appearance of the equipment should be undamaged. Process handover: Before the formal installation of the electric hoist, the previous process should be inspected and confirmed to be qualified before installation. The specific instructions are written in great detail in the user manual, and can be operated step by step according to the manual.

2. What is the electric hoist fire stop limiter? What is its purpose?

The cut-off limit switch is actually a type of travel switch, and cut-off means cutting off the power supply. There is a guide rope device on the completed steel rope drum that can move axially according to the number of rope loops. It is precisely it that drives the guide rod to disconnect the limit switch and cut off the power supply of the lifting motor to prevent accidents when the guide rod is lifted to a certain degree by the hook.