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1 ton electric chain block with Double Speed


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Aluminum alloy lighting frame construction method:

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Aluminum alloy lighting frame construction method:

1. First, arrange the four bases roughly on the ground;

2. Insert the lower part of the diagonal support on the outer side of each base;

3. Fix the reverse end onto the base with screws;

4. Put a square sleeve on the reverse head;

5. Link the crossbeams together;

6. Connect the two ends of the crossbeam with the two square sleeves on both sides, and at this point, the crossbeam is assembled on the ground;

7. Lay the column truss flat and connect it, then screw one end onto the opposite end and the other end onto the cross arm. At the same time, connect the hanging hoist and the cross arm. The hoist is used to lift the lower crossbeam truss;

8. Several people slowly erect the column truss together, being careful not to push the column too hard, and then fix the screws on the reverse end;

9. After the column is erected, hook the hook under the hanging gourd onto the crossbeam below through the sling;

10. Four people slowly pull the hanging gourd together to lift the crossbeam to the left and right positions of the person's head;

11. Install lighting and sound equipment on the crossbeam;

12. 4 people pulling the hanging gourd together to the predetermined height to stop;

13. Tighten one end of the diagonal support to the column, and the other end to the horizontal support of the base, so that the gantry is completed.

Material Description: The diagonal brace is made of aluminum alloy, and the crossbar is made of steel. The base is divided into iron and aluminum, and the crossbar is made of steel. The truss, square sleeve, square head, and reverse head are all made of aluminum alloy.