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What are the reasons that can cause the lifting chain to break?

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  What are the reasons that can cause the lifting chain to break?

  The lifting chain can be used in conjunction with lifting slings and is an important lifting accessory with a high frequency of use. During use, it may break, and there are many reasons that can cause it to break. The main reasons are as follows:

  1、 The quality of the product itself has defects or problems, such as brittle materials, weak welding, and severe wear, which are all reasons for the easy breakage of the lifting chain.

  2、 Poor manufacturing process: Poor operation during welding and heat treatment is a significant cause of chain breakage alone. Due to substandard manufacturing quality and materials, single links in the lifting chain may experience brittle fracture or plastic deformation fracture accidents during use.

  3、 Inadequate maintenance and repair: for example, the chain rusted due to not being placed in a dry and ventilated place, rusted due to not adding lubricating oil in a timely manner, and did not pay attention to inspection before use.

  4、 The use does not meet safety requirements: for example, the chain may be too tight or too loose, overloaded lifting, the chain may jump out of the groove, or it may break due to sudden pulling.

  5、 The chain of the lifting chain falls into the iron object: it is easy to twist the chain, causing chain breakage.

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