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The causes and hazards of lifting chain breakage

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  The causes and hazards of lifting chain breakage

  With the rapid development of the economy and the construction of cities, the development of the lifting industry is becoming increasingly fast, and the use of lifting chains is also becoming more and more widespread. No matter under what circumstances it is used, safety is of utmost importance. Below, let's talk about the reasons that affect the breakage of lifting chains and the accompanying hazards.

  Firstly, rust is a contributing factor to chain breakage. Rust can change the chemical structure of the chain, causing the texture of the chain to become loose, resulting in a decrease in the overall strength and toughness of the chain. The possibility of chain fracture during the process will be greatly increased, and the fracture surface is generally the rusted part.

  Secondly, overloading and long-term fatigue use are another contributing factor to chain breakage. Each type of lifting chain has its own rated load, and overloading can easily cause deformation or breakage of the chain.

  Once the lifting chain breaks, it is easy to cause harm to goods and personnel, especially during high-altitude lifting. Therefore, it is strictly prohibited for personnel to stand below during lifting to avoid injury.

  The lifting chain generally does not break without overloading or severe rusting.

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