Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

Durable Cheap Electric Motor Chain Hoist


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The commonly used equipment for stage hoisting includes the following types:

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The commonly used equipment for stage hoisting includes the following types:

1. Electric chain hoist: commonly known as "electric hoist", it is an essential equipment in stage construction. Its main function is to hang the lighting frame, sound system, and other equipment used in performances on the roof. The safety of electric hoists should be checked from the following aspects:

To purchase an electric hoist manufactured by a legitimate manufacturer, a certificate of conformity must be provided, and the manufacturer is required to perform annual maintenance on the equipment and issue a maintenance report

Check the appearance of the electric hoist to ensure that the outer shell is not damaged and the bolts are not loose

Check the electric hoist chain to ensure that it is undamaged, rust free, well lubricated, and does not drip oil

Check if the guiding function of the cross guide chain mouth is normal, and if the chain hook can rotate 360 degrees

2. Sling: a connecting strap used for mechanical lifting and hoisting

Lifting belts include steel wire slings, deck chains, polyester ring slings, synthetic ropes, etc. We take the commonly used polyester ring slings and steel wire slings in performances as examples

The characteristics of circular sling are cheap price, light weight, convenient packaging and transportation, but the disadvantages are easy damage, corrosion, and not suitable for outdoor use.

Purchase straps that meet national safety standards through legitimate channels

All straps need to have labels to determine load, length, production date, etc

The surface of the sling should be corroded, cracked, deformed due to compression, lost or unreadable labels, and should be immediately scrapped

Note: The sling is a consumable item and should be immediately scrapped after prolonged use or contamination