Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

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The solution of only lifting but not lowering the chain hoist

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  The solution of only lifting but not lowering the chain hoist

  The main reasons for the chain hoist only lifting but not lowering are: chain jamming, gear bearings getting stuck with debris, brake pads not separating, damaged pawls, excessive friction between components, and internal screws being tightened too tightly. Hebei Hengxiang has compiled solutions for the chain hoist only lifting but not lowering, as follows:

  1. Brake pads do not separate

  This is the main reason why the chain hoist only rises but does not fall. You can use inertia to pull down the chain with force and pull it a few more times. When you feel the chain rolling down, the brake pads are successfully separated. If it doesn't work, open the cover of the chain hoist, fix the sprocket and gear, and tap the ratchet counterclockwise to separate the brake pads and ratchet assembly.

  2. Finger damage

  If the pawl is damaged, it will lock the pawl, causing the chain hoist to fail to descend. Replace the damaged pawl in a timely manner.

  3. Clutter jamming

  Most hand chain hoists are operated outdoors, making it easy for debris to enter the interior, which can cause excessive resistance in gears, bearings, and other parts, resulting in inflexibility in lifting and lowering; It should be stopped immediately and checked for any debris inside, especially in parts such as gears and bearings, to clean up any debris.

  4. Card chain

  When the operator applies too much force to pull the chain, it may cause chain detachment or jamming, making the chain hoist unable to continue working; At this point, just restore the chain to its original position and be careful not to use too much hand tension.

  5. The screw is too tight

  If the internal screws are tightened too tightly, the five foot long shaft cannot rotate flexibly, which will cause the malfunction of the chain hoist only lifting but not lowering; Just check and loosen the screws a bit.

  6. Excessive frictional force

  Excessive friction between the components of the chain hoist can cause the bearings to operate inflexibly during operation, leading to problems such as only lifting but not lowering over time; If it is caused by excessive friction that only increases but does not decrease, butter can be used to increase lubrication. In daily use, especially in hot and dry weather, attention should be paid to the problems caused by excessive friction.

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