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Can a chain hoist be used at low temperatures?

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Can a chain hoist be used at low temperatures?

A netizen asked if it is possible to use a chain hoist in a low-temperature environment. In fact, chain hoists do not have too many temperature restrictions, but it is not recommended to use them at too low temperatures to avoid affecting the performance of the product and easily causing safety accidents.

1. Low temperature may cause unstable performance of the chain hoist, which can lead to deviations or accidents during use.

2. Low temperature can cause various components of the chain hoist to become crispy, and continuing to use it in this situation can easily cause danger.

3. When the temperature is too low, the transmission of various parts of the hoist is not smooth, which makes it difficult to use the manual hoist and is not conducive to the progress of work.

Therefore, it is recommended to avoid using chain hoists as much as possible at low temperatures to avoid safety accidents.

In addition, if using a chain hoist at low temperatures, it is necessary to take maintenance measures, such as whether it is also damp at low temperatures. If it is in a humid environment, rust prevention and cleaning maintenance work should be done well. And a trial run must be conducted before each use.