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Usage and precautions of lifting straps

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Usage and precautions of lifting straps

1) Firstly, the weight and length that the lifting belt can bear should be confirmed, and the correct lifting method and coefficient should be adopted.

2) When using basket lifting, safety and stability should be ensured, and attention should be paid to the center of gravity position of the load to prevent objects from falling.

3) The correct lifting point should be selected, and before lifting, it should be confirmed whether the binding is firm. There should be a trial lifting process, and once confirmed to be safe, proceed to the next step of the operation.

4) When using, do not let the lifting belt be in a knotted, twisted, or twisted state. When carrying the load, do not rotate the goods to twist the lifting belt

5) During operation, it is not allowed to drag the lifting belt to prevent damage to the lifting belt;

6) When using slings to lift items, it is not allowed to suspend the goods for a long time.

7) Without cushion protection, it is not allowed to use lifting straps to lift goods with sharp edges and edges.

8) It is not allowed to come into contact with corrosive chemicals (such as acids, bases, etc.). After dirtying the lifting belt or using it in an environment with an acidic or alkaline tendency, the lifting belt should be cleaned immediately.

9) Overloading the use of lifting straps is not allowed. If several straps are used at the same time, the load should be evenly distributed on several lifting straps as much as possible

10) It is not allowed to connect the soft ring with any device that may cause damage to it. The hanging device connected to the soft ring should be smooth and without any sharp edges.