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What is the use of the cycloidal needle gear of the stage electric hoist

  • 2023-12-06

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What is the use of the cycloidal needle gear of the stage electric hoist

The stage was brightly lit and colorful, with dancers dancing gracefully, giving the audience a unique performance. Above the stage and dancers, there is a stage electric hoist that silently lifts lighting, sound, and other equipment to ensure the smooth performance of cultural activities.

During the operation of the stage electric hoist, electric motors, moving pulleys, chains, and other lifting devices are used to raise the stage equipment to a high position. When the electric motor rotates, it will produce a buzzing sound. In order to avoid adverse effects of operating noise on the on-site performance, the manufacturer has added a cycloidal needle gear design inside the electric motor.

The cycloidal needle gear has low noise during operation, high mechanical rotation efficiency, and a large number of meshing teeth, which limits the noise generated during the rotation and vibration of the motor to an extremely low level. It also has good wear resistance and fatigue resistance, reasonable structural design, and is easy to disassemble and maintain.

So the purpose of adding a cycloidal needle gear design to the stage electric hoist is to reduce the noise during the operation of the electric hoist and improve the service life of the gears.