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The stage electric hoist limiter can effectively ensure stage safety

  • 2023-12-14

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During the on-site performance on stage, there will also be changes in the lifting and lowering of LED spotlights driven by the truss, showcasing a unique stage effect. During the lifting and lowering of LED spotlights, the stage electric hoist plays an important role and ensures the safety of the stage.

Everyone should be familiar with the application of stage electric hoists on stage, so how does stage electric hoists ensure stage safety? Then it needs to be controlled through its limit switch, which is the most characteristic safety protection device among all chain electric hoists. Generally speaking, a limit is a controller that limits the movement position of the stage electric hoist.

The limit switch of the stage electric hoist is mainly used to control the vertical lifting direction. After setting the lifting height in advance, we can press the switch. When the stage electric hoist drives the truss and LED spotlights to the designated position, the limit switch is immediately triggered to cut off the power supply of the stage electric hoist and stop it from running, effectively avoiding the occurrence of truss collision accidents and protecting the performers.