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The reason why the stage hoist cannot be braked

  • 2023-12-11

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The stage hoist is a lifting tool used by us to lift on-site props and lighting and sound equipment when building a stage. It has a concealed position, small size, and excellent lifting performance, making it very simple and practical. However, sometimes when we use it, we may find that the braking system of the hoist cannot lock the chain. Why is this?

When the braking system cannot effectively lock the chain, there is a risk of falling when lifting equipment. When this situation occurs, we first need to check the condition of the brake, whether the brake pads have worn out to the point where they cannot continue to be used, whether the ratchet and pawl are severely worn and unable to bite each other, and whether there are foreign objects between the friction pads and the ratchet and pawl that affect contact, etc; Secondly, we also need to determine whether the actual weight of the heavy object is within the rated load capacity of the hoist. When overloading occurs, the braking system will find it difficult to properly brake the chain, leading to the occurrence of the heavy object falling.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, prolonged lack of maintenance and upkeep can lead to severe rust and corrosion in the braking system of the hoist, which can also cause the braking system to malfunction. When using stage chain hoists, we must first ensure that the brake is in good condition so that it can be used normally.