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The order and function of stage specific gourds

  • 2023-12-14

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Whether it's bars, concerts, product fairs, or various other entertainment activities, they all rely on a high stage. The height of the stage is determined by the stage frame, while the speed of stage equipment lifting is determined by the stage dedicated hoist.

Without a dedicated stage hoist, the various stage equipment used to convey sound, illuminate the scene, and increase dazzling effects on the stage cannot be lifted to high places in a short period of time. This not only increases the workload, but also cannot guarantee the smooth and timely performance.

So when the on-site staff have set up the stage rack, they will observe the rack from the perspective of the audience, analyze the specific installation positions of various equipment such as lighting and sound, and then use the elevator to hang the stage dedicated hoist on the appropriate position of the stage rack, and use the power brought by the hoist to lift the heavy, bulky, or precious equipment to the appropriate position.

So, the use of stage specific gourds reduces the workload of on-site staff, improves the speed of stage equipment lifting, and also makes the preparation work on stage orderly and labor-saving, ensuring the smooth progress of the performance.