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Stage electric hoist control

  • 2023-12-14

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In our impression, the stage electric hoist is controlled by a single switch to control a single electric hoist, but it is often seen that during stage construction, the entire truss rises smoothly under the lifting of several stage electric hoists. Is this because of the consistency of the controller's control? Obviously, that's not the case.

In fact, the stage electric hoist is somewhat similar to the group hanging hoist, which can achieve group control. It can achieve group control of multiple devices such as 4-5-8-10-12 through a control box. The stage electric hoist control box can achieve group control or individual control, with two parts: single control button and group control button. You can use the single control button to adjust each gourd to a unified position to ensure average stress, and then use the group control button to perform group lifting and lowering. It is a good helper for stage performances, bar lighting, trusses, and other places.

So when we see the entire truss lifting smoothly under the traction of the stage electric hoist on the stage, it must be the group control of multiple doors and controllers. This control technology has made the construction of the entire stage and the presentation effect after construction reach a surprising level.