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Reasons for Shortening the Service Life of Stage Electric Hoists

  • 2023-12-14

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From new equipment to scrapping, stage electric hoists often take several years. The lifespan of each stage electric hoist varies, and there are many reasons for this variation. When its lifespan is shortened, it means that its lifespan is shortening. What are the reasons for the shortened lifespan of stage electric hoists?

One is the aging of the stage electric hoist. During use, we need to clean the stage electric hoist in a timely manner. If conditions permit, do not expose it to wind or sun, and try to place it in a fixed position to prevent arbitrary movement; Secondly, the quality of stage electric hoist operators is relatively low, and many stage electric hoist operators lack systematic training. There are many unreasonable or incorrect operations in use, which cannot guarantee the stability of the hoist; Thirdly, the management system for stage electric hoists is not perfect. Good management can improve the quality of stage electric hoists, while conversely, it will accelerate the speed of their scrapping.

We still have certain problems and shortcomings in the use of stage electric hoists, therefore, we need to continuously adjust in the later stage, optimize the operating efficiency of stage electric hoists as much as possible, and extend their service life.