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Principles to follow when replacing stage electric hoist components

  • 2023-12-14

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If there are no stage specific lifting equipment such as electric hoists and stage chain hoists, how can stage lighting, curtains, and various stage performance equipment be lifted to high places? Although other types of lifting equipment can also be used to lift stage equipment, the effect is often unsatisfactory and can lead to stage safety accidents. In order to ensure the safety of stage equipment and the perfect performance of stage effects, we should regularly inspect and replace the components of the stage electric hoist.

Among the various components of the stage electric hoist, some components can be replaced after their failure or expiration of their lifespan.

1. For example, when the contactor of an electric hoist has poor contact, abnormal noise can be generated. It is sufficient to repair the connector. If the damage is severe, it needs to be replaced; 2. After the motor of the electric hoist comes into contact with rainwater, the internal circuit components will be corroded, leading to the occurrence of lifting imbalance during the operation of the electric hoist. Therefore, it is necessary to replace it with a new motor in a timely manner.

In addition, due to the important lifting function of the stage electric hoist during the stage performance, it is not possible to use old components for repair like demolishing the east wall to repair the west wall, nor can it be repaired without replacing the new electric hoist like sewing for three years to repair for three years, otherwise it will lead to serious lifting accidents.