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How to solve the problems that arise during the operation of a chain hoist

  • 2023-10-16

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Description: The chain hoist may encounter some problems during operation, such as chain jamming, braking, slipping, etc. How can we effectively solve these problems?

1. Daily inspection of chain hoists, daily maintenance of corresponding mechanical components, to check if there is rust on the mechanical components. If any of the above situations occur, please apply lubricating oil in a timely manner.

2. When using the friction plate of the chain hoist frequently, it should be inspected every 7 days. If oil is found on the friction plate, it should be replaced immediately. If the friction plate is found to be very thin, it should also be replaced immediately, as both of these problems can cause the chain hoist to slip.

3. The chain of the chain hoist should be regularly maintained with lubricating oil to prevent rusting and chain jamming, and to extend the service life of the chain.

4. The chain guide wheel of the chain hoist should be regularly inspected to see if there is any squeezing or deformation of the guide wheel. If the following problems occur, the chain should be checked immediately to see if there is any deformation in size. If there is any problem with broken teeth, the accessories should be replaced immediately.

5. There is a ratchet under the brake pad of the chain hoist, and there is a pawl next to the ratchet. If the spring on the pawl is loose, it can also cause the chain hoist to not brake.