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Hazards in the use of chain hoists

  • 2023-12-14

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1. The lifting hook, chain, and rotating parts are not flexible

2. Brake (self-locking mechanism) failure

3. The chain wheel guard of the chain hoist is missing, and the chain rod is damaged

4. The accessories of the chain hoist are not complete

5. The weight to be lifted exceeds the rated load of the chain hoist

6. Use of lifting hooks for dismantling chain hoists

7. The selection of lifting points and the weight of lifting heavy objects are unreasonable

8. Twisting and knotting phenomenon when lifting the chain with a chain hoist

9. The lifting weight is not securely and reliably tied

10. Other unexpected power operations caused by manual labor during lifting

11. Standing on the lifting object for lifting operation or standing in the direction of chain rebound operation

12. Uneven force when pulling the chain hoist, several people jerking

13. During the lifting process, the heavy object was temporarily suspended and the hand zipper was not tied to the lifting chain

14. Walking or engaging in other work under lifting heavy objects

15. When used tilted or horizontally, the zipper direction is not adjusted to conform to the direction of the sprocket, and the zipper is out of groove or stuck When multiple chain hoists are used to lift a heavy object simultaneously, the selection of lifting points for each chain hoist is unreasonable, and the bearing capacity of each chain hoist is not within the rated load range.

17. Overloading or unclear weight of objects

18. Oblique pulling and lifting of objects

19. Loose or unbalanced binding and hanging

20. There is no padding between the edges and corners of the heavy object and the steel rope