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Electric hoist for stage construction of stage truss

  • 2023-12-07

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Electric hoist for stage construction of stage truss

With the continuous development of cultural and entertainment activities, the number of venues used for stage construction and decoration is also increasing. In stage construction and layout, two types of trusses are generally required: one is a lighting frame used to hang various lamps, and the other is a background truss used as a background wall.

A party is going to be held in a certain place recently, and it is necessary to build a lighting frame that is about twelve meters high. It requires several trusses of varying lengths, diagonal supports, suspenders, iron bases, stage electric hoists, and so on. Generally, the crossbeam is first assembled and assembled on the ground. Then, the crossbeam truss is lifted using a stage electric hoist, and the column truss is erected to a height of one person. The lighting fixtures and sound system are installed on the crossbeam truss, and finally, the stage electric hoist is used to lift it to the specified height. Later, the diagonal support is used to tighten and fix it. Basically, the construction of the stage truss can be completed.

During the construction of the truss, the stage electric hoist can effectively replace the manual climbing method of scaffolding, which saves time and effort, improves efficiency, and greatly improves the safety factor.