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Do not apply too much lubricating oil to the stage hoist

  • 2023-11-25

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Everyone knows that stage chain hoists need to be lubricated for maintenance. Many people may fall into the misconception that the more lubricating oil they apply, the better the gourd? Actually, for a simple example, people will apply eye cream to their eyes, but applying too much eye cream can easily cause fat particles to form, so our gourd is also like this.

Firstly, excessive lubricating oil will not have a greater maintenance effect, just in moderation. A moderate amount of lubricating oil can achieve excellent maintenance results, and excessive use of wisdom can lead to financial waste.

Secondly, sediment, dust, and other impurities have a very strong adsorption ability on lubricating oil. The inclusion of impurities in lubricating oil can affect the maintenance effect. The lubrication with impurities added during the next use will turn into oil stains, increasing the wear of the gourd.

Thirdly, excessive lubricating oil may cause oil to flow into the friction plates, which will reduce the friction force when the friction plates come into contact with lubricating oil, and the braking function of the chain hoist will be affected.

Fourthly, excessive lubricating oil may cause oil stains to drip onto the stage, affecting the aesthetics of the stage.