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Cost of electric hoist for Kemei stage

  • 2023-11-17

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Every customer is willing to buy low-cost and efficient stage electric hoist products, so how is the cost calculated? Many customers think that a low purchase price is considered a low cost, but in fact, the purchase cost is only a part of the total cost. The following is a summary of the total annual cost of purchasing and using stage electric hoists for your reference:

1. Procurement cost

The procurement cost of stage electric hoists will be evenly spread over the lifespan of the hoists. Therefore, the high priced stage electric hoist will reduce procurement costs due to its longer lifespan.

2. Maintenance costs

The actual maintenance cost in the use of stage electric hoists is not only related to the cost of repairing accessories, but also to the failure rate and failure time. Therefore, a high-quality stage electric hoist will have lower maintenance costs due to its lower failure rate.

3. Energy consumption cost

The energy consumption cost will vary depending on the type and specifications of the stage electric hoist.

4. Labor costs

The labor cost varies with the number of operators and their total monthly salary, and the number of personnel will be reduced due to the use of high-efficiency electric hoist products.

Low price sales of stage chain hoist products can bring short-term development to enterprises, but a good brand image can bring a longer-term future to enterprises. For consumers, although it may seem cheap to buy, in essence, merchants do not sell at a loss, so it makes sense to get what they pay for