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Common Fault Classification of Stage Electric Hoists

  • 2023-12-14

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The stage electric hoist, as the name suggests, is a light and small lifting equipment commonly used on stage or in large-scale activities. During use, a series of problems such as disorderly venues or negligence by staff may cause the stage electric hoist to malfunction or be damaged. If we classify its faults by type, what are the faults of the stage electric hoist?

One is a sudden fault, which often has a sudden nature when it occurs, often causing people to be caught off guard. This type of fault often causes significant damage, such as sudden breakage of chains and hooks, motor burning, and so on; The second is the gradual failure, which often manifests in the gradual decline of the performance of the stage electric hoist. Common manifestations include wear, fatigue, aging, etc. Eventually, they are eliminated due to low efficiency and frequent failures. Gradual failures can also be prevented through regular testing and maintenance.

The above is the common fault classification of stage electric hoists. In daily use, we need to operate and maintain according to regulations and instructions, which can reduce the occurrence of these two types of faults.