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Can stage electric hoists be used on rainy days

  • 2023-12-14

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During summer outdoor performance activities, there are often sudden raindrops, but the actors on stage remain unmoved and continue to perform with their dedication and professionalism. The performance equipment on stage has not been affected by the rain, as their rainproof protection level has already met the national standards.

Take the stage electric hoist, which is often used on stage, as an equipment for lifting lighting, sound equipment, and racks. The protection level of the hoist is IP56, achieving dust and water spray resistance. Therefore, LP is very suitable for outdoor use, and can even be used in extreme conditions. In outdoor activities or touring concerts, lifting professionals praise the weather resistance and reliability of the stage hoist motor.

In addition, compared to round steel chains, the chain of stage electric hoists has an increased load-bearing capacity of about 15% for surface hardened and manganese phosphated steel chains with the same rated diameter. The increased cross-sectional area reduces wear and prolongs the chain's service life. The hook contains stable guide cards and rubber pads, ensuring safety and allowing a high-quality performance to proceed smoothly.